17.10.2020 01:15 UTC    Temperature: °C    Humidity: %    Barometric Pressure: 1016.2 mb    Wind:   km/h
17.10.2020 01:15 UTC    Solar Radiation: W/m²  (%)    UV Index:
17.10.2020 01:15 UTC    Rain rate:  mm/h    Storm: 0.00 mm    Daily rain: 0.00 mm    Monthly rain: 0.00 mm    Yearly rain: 148.20 mm
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Weather Station


Technically the meteorological observatory is composed by two webcams (IP cameras), an approved Hellmann pluviometer of 200 litres that meets the standards of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and a Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus wireless weather station, which is capable of measuring the following atmospheric variables: barometric pressure, relative humidity, temperature, wind speed and direction, rainfall, dew point, wind chill, humidex, air density, solar radiation and UV.

Most sensors are connected wiressly to the console, and operate in the frequency of 900MHz. Sensors readings by the weather console is realized every 2.5 seconds. Information on these pages, are updated every 5 minutes aproximately, except for Weather Live which is updated every one minute.

It must be borne in mind that weather station began to work at ends of July, 2008. For this reason, some annual weather data (especially highs, lows and averages), are wrong until the year 2009 comes. Annual values are reset every year on January 1, monthly values every day 1 of each month, and daily values every day at 00:00 hours. By other side, weather station works according to the coordinated universal time (UTC), both data and graphics. The civil peninsular time is:

  • Winter, CET (Central European Time) = UTC+1 hour
  • Summer, CEST (Central European Summer Time) = UTC+2 hours

Height obove sea level is 32 m for the console and 37 m for the integrated sensor suite, which is 11 m above street level.

Webcams provide images every 2 minutes and looks over Seville city from direction East (E) to Southeast (SSE). In these images can be seen main buildings, not just from Santiponce but also in Seville where the most important are: The Alamillo bridge, the Olimpic Stadium in La Cartuja island, and close to the right edge of the image, La Giralda in Seville Cathedral.


As said before, weather station is located in Santiponce, a village which is on the occidental side of Guadalquivir river and very close to Seville city at NW direction. Santiponce is well known for it's ancient Roman city called Itálica.

Due to its short distance and its light height above Seville city, this is an ideal place to observe the overhead Seville sky.

Push over the icon (MeteoSevilla) on the map to see a summary of the actual conditions.

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